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Easy Ways to Remind Seniors About Their Medications

Easy Ways to Remind Seniors About Their Medications

Making sure your loved ones take their prescribed medications on time and regularly can be a challenging task. Skipping a medication can affect a senior’s health, whether it’s their blood pressure going out of control or their blood sugar soaring from the normal levels. Do you want to know how to better help your senior loved ones? Below are some tips.

  • Write down a list.
    In providing elderly care, there are a lot of things for you to do. So, making a list is one of the most effective ways to help keep medications organized and monitor other supplements that seniors need to take. Caregivers providing patient care services in California also use a list to better provide medication management to patients or clients.
  • Set an alarm.
    An alarm is a sensible way of reminding loved ones about the specific time on when they need to take their medications. Using an alarm clock or a mobile phone is a convenient strategy to adhere to a medication schedule and maintain a regular intake of prescribed medicines. Depending on availability, some caregivers who offer non-medical care services in Los Angeles, California use an automatic pill dispenser that comes with an alarm.
  • Use a pillbox.
    Using a pillbox is a traditional yet efficient strategy when it comes to medication reminders. One of the many advantages of a pillbox is that you can easily track how many pills were taken and go to the pharmacy immediately if in case you need a refill.

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