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Grooming Tips for Seniors at Home

Grooming Tips for Seniors at Home

Grooming is a fundamental part of your elderly loved ones’ daily routine. Good hygiene contributes to numerous health benefits and prevents risks from illnesses that come from known germs and viruses. There may be struggles along the way, but the grooming process can go a little more smoothly with these simple tips below.

  • Prepare a checklist.

    From meal preparation, bathtub and shower needs, to oral hygiene, make it a habit to create a checklist of everything you need to complete the grooming and elderly care of seniors at home. To ensure efficient patient care services in California, most professional caregivers create a list as a guide to simplify the whole process.

  • Ensure a comfortable space.

    Walking from the bathroom to the bedroom should be convenient and risk-free for seniors. To ensure safety, install extra lighting in dark areas at home and add grab bars in the staircase or benches in the bathroom to prevent minor accidents or serious injuries.

  • Get assistance.

    Proper hygiene requires a thorough cleaning of the body. However, the process may pose challenges to elders due to poor bone health, cognitive, and limited mobility issues. Don’t hesitate to seek personal care assistance from professional caregivers. Caregivers not only ensure your loved ones’ grooming but also provides companionship that’s beneficial for their overall wellness.

Above and Beyond Patient Care Services offers non-medical care services in Los Angeles, California, to seniors who need assistance at home. Our Personal Care & Grooming services include bathing, dressing, mobility assistance, light meal preparation, medication reminders, and more. For more information, contact us at 818-421-5850 today.

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