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Dealing with Elder Abuse


Every provider of elderly care recognizes that seniors and older adults are some of the most vulnerable people in any society. They often have to rely on other people, such as family members, to assist them with their needs.

But because of their vulnerability, many elders become victims of elder abuse. This is an unfortunate occurrence that many seniors experience. As a provider of non-medical care services, we value the safety of your loved ones. With that, how do you successfully deal with these types of situations?

For one, you should always spot the signs. Elder abuse can come in many different ways including physical harm, emotional and verbal abuse, and even neglect. If you see signs of physical harm such as unexplained bruises and scars, it is typically a red flag for elder abuse.

Another thing that you can look out for is their overall state. Is their hygiene taken care of? Have they lost weight? These are usually indications that someone is neglecting their needs.

Of course, witnessing someone threatening to them or being verbally abusive is a clear sign of elder abuse. These should always be reported to the right authorities immediately.

With that, it would help to have services, such as our companionship in California, to look over your loved ones. Our caregivers are sure to uphold the safety of your loved ones, which means they can and will report any instances of elder abuse.

Keep your loved ones safe with us here at Above And Beyond Patient Care Services. We provide a wide range of patient care services in Porter Ranch, California, that ensures the overall wellness of your loved ones. Call us today to learn more!

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