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Proven Ways to Help the Elderly Cope With Stress and Anxiety

Proven Ways to Help the Elderly Cope With Stress and Anxiety

Unlike young people who can easily hang out with friends, the elderly might already have chronic illnesses and mobility issues, making them unable to go out. Oftentimes, this lack of entertainment could lead to sadness, isolation, and depression. This is also the reason to include companionship and personal assistance in their non-medical care services in Santa Clarita, California.

Why is it a must to help the elderly cope with stress?
Did you know that mental health conditions due to anxiety disorder are common in the US? The ADAA shows that anxiety affects 40 million Americans annually. Spend more time with your beloved elderly. If you see them having more frequent chest pain, difficulty sleeping, sweating, indigestion, and heart palpitations, avail of patient care services in California immediately. Have them undergo the necessary checkups and give them medical attention.

What are the activities to encourage them to do?
Even in non-medical ways, you can help the elderly deal with their anxieties. Aside from availing of companionship service for them, the following activities could also help:

  • Practice deep breath exercises
  • Pick up a doctor’s approved exercise routine
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Consider availing of talk therapy
  • Make art
  • Watch or read motivational materials
  • Play apt indoor games
  • Follow a daily routine

Studies show that putting some order and routine in place will help seniors enjoy their day. By including activities for mental, social, and emotional health, elderly people could still feel fulfilled at the end of the day.

Are you too busy to help your loved ones do all these activities? If yes, contact Above and Beyond Patient Care Services to avail of caregiving service in Los Angeles.

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