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Warning Signs of Elder Abuse to Watch Out for


Elder abuse happens when an action or failure to act causes or creates harm to a senior individual. It can involve physical, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse. Senior neglect is also a common form of elder abuse. Services like our Companionship in California can help prevent seniors from experiencing neglect.

Here are a few other signs of elderly abuse you may not have known about to look out for:

  • Injuries Like Bruises, Cuts, or Broken Bones
    A common warning sign of elderly abuse is physical injuries. Sadly, injuries may not always be apparent, especially if hidden under clothing. Signs to look out for are sudden mobility constraints, visible discomfort, and trouble sleeping. We offer Patient Care Services in Porter Ranch, California, to help determine if your elderly loved ones are experiencing some form of injury.
  • Withdrawal from Loved Ones
    Another sign of elderly abuse is if your senior suddenly stops interacting with loved ones. Emotional abuse can cause feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression, discouraging seniors from seeking companionship from loved ones.
  • Unexplainable Transactions or Buying Habits
    The retirement years are a time for rest, leisure, and relaxation, but seniors should properly maintain their finances to address their basic needs. Unexplainable transactions can be a sign of financial abuse, especially for seniors who have trouble keeping track of their money.

If you suspect elder abuse, you can report your findings to the National Center on Elder Abuse or your local authorities.
To help address elder abuse, we provide Non-Medical Care Services. Call Above And Beyond Patient Care Services at 626-421-5592 for more information. Our services include Personal Care, Elderly Care, and Home Care Services in Los Angeles, California.

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