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What You Can Do to Prevent Elder Abuse

What You Can Do to Prevent Elder Abuse

Elder abuse refers to a single or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action which causes harm or distress to an older person. This includes physical, sexual, psychological, and financial abuse as well as neglecting a senior’s elderly care needs. According to the World Health Organization report, around 1 in 6 adults aging 60 years and older have experienced some form of abuse in community settings during the past year.

As a provider of Patient Care Services in Porter Ranch, California, here’s how you can help in preventing elder abuse:

  • Listen to them

    When talking with the elderly, listen to them and understand their situation and challenges. By knowing their stories, you will have an idea if they are experiencing elder abuse of any kind. For those engaged with services of companionship in California, you can also talk to their caregivers about the challenges faced by the senior.

  • Learn the signs of abuse

    As a provider of Non-Medical Care Services to elderly adults, the common signs of elder abuse include sudden social withdrawal, bruises, poor hygiene, and weight loss. If you notice these, you are more aware of the incidents that may be happening.

  • Report to authorities

    If you noticed or witnessed any early warning signs of elder abuse, immediately report it to the authorities. For those in California, concerns regarding elder abuse can be reported to the Adult Protective Services by calling 1-833-401-0832, and when prompted enter your 5-digit zip code to be connected to the Adult Protective Services in your county.

Above And Beyond Patient Care Services wants to make sure that your elderly loved ones receive the proper care and attention that they need especially at this point in their lives. For more information, call us at 626-421-5592.

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